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Fun, Hands-On learning, and mutual engagements are always better if we are having fun while learning. MIND MAPPERZ offers the students with fun and engaging opportunities to explore science and technology. Each session is filled with exciting, hands-on learning experiences using Robotics and STEM education. These experiences are designed to build and boost the interest, knowledge, and technical skills outside the classroom.

Summer Camp – Outcomes

Creativity And Self-Expression

The freest form of self-expression is creativity. We believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than allowing children to express themselves

Problem Solving

Children interact with each other and participate in decision making. When experimenting together, they investigate, try new ways and look at problems from new perspectives.

Problem Solving

We take special care to simply science by incorporating as many concepts as possible into small experiments to enable children relate to and understand science with more ease.

Social Skills

We encourage children to interact with their peer which improves their social skills. Children often help each other with activities and experiments

Sense of Achievement

On completion of activities and experiments, children often smile with the sense of achievement. It is not only the accomplishment, but they are also able to understand the concept implemented thoroughly as well.